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A Lasting Legacy..
Anthony Bourdain Food Trail

In Season 5 Episode 5 Of Parts Unknown (Aired May 31, 2015)
CNN's Anthony Bourdain went back to his Jersey roots and a stop at Lucille's was featured on Parts Unknown, we are now a proud part of the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail Of NJ
Anthony Bourdain Food Trail.jpg

“Discover the New Jersey culinary roots of the late Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef, best-selling author, and globe-trotting food and travel documentarian, on this designated food trail. The Anthony Bourdain Food Trail pays tribute to Bourdain's childhood growing up in Leonia, New Jersey, and summers spent at the Jersey Shore. The trail spotlights 10 New Jersey restaurants featured on CNN's Emmy Award-winning Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

Click below to get the Trip Itinerary, featuring every trail stop, plus destination highlights and must-do activities along the way.”

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