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Legends Of The Pines

If you grew up in the Pines Of South Jersey, you knew about the legends of the Pines. Mrs. Leeds 13th Child (aka The Jersey Devil), Captain Kidd's buried treasure, The White Stag, all of which might be just stories passed along from generation to generation...but one legendary figure of the pines was no figment of imagination....

Lucille Bates. 

A Stafford Twp. Local thru and thru ...Lucille was all heart, sass and energy, she believed in the power of a good meal to make any and every situation better. 1975 She and her husband Jim opened Lucille's Luncheonette in Warren Grove. This little roadside cafe on 539 quickly became the place to stop on the way to the Shore for visitors to LBI and became the place for the locals to venture to for a good home cooked meal when you didn't want to cook at home. Lucille was everyone's Mom, Sister, Aunt ...whatever you needed her to be all while serving up a comforting meal and a Devil of a good time. 


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